Have the Raiders found their Savior?

Just when I thought the Raiders franchise couldn’t get any crazier after choosing to move to bachelor party capital, the Sin City, or to you common folk Las Vegas, they’ve went ahead added Jon Gruden for the next 10 years for 100 million dollars, yes you read that right. Never in my right mind did I think Jon Gruden was gonna get offered a head coaching position in the NFL let alone take the job, I mean the man had it set as an analyst. Just thinking of Monday night football without him scares me to little. The only thing allowing me to sleep is imagining Tony Romo taking his place and continuing to magically predict the future as if he was god damn Nostradamus.

Though I will be saddened next year by the loss of Jon Gruden in the booth, I feel like he’ll make it up by winning a game off spider 2 Y banana than an hour later getting sighted cleaning up at a black jack table in Caesars Place. 2009 - Jon GrudenHonestly I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Raiders dominate the AFC west next year, just look at the roster he is inheriting; Derek Carr, Khalil Mack, Amari Cooper, Marshawn Lynch, need i say more. Imagine what the QB whisper with be able to do with this team. Another bonus to Jon Gruden on the Raiders are the future interactions between Gruden, Carr, and Lynch. Only thing that could make it better was if you added Odell Beckham into the mix.

On that note and to end this stupid post I’m gonna go ahead and pick the Raiders to win the AFC and make the Superbowl next year, forcing a physically defeated Tom Brady and mentally defeated Belichick into retirement together following the loss. You heard it here first, in 2019 Jon Gruden will beat Belichick and Brady in the game of football.


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