Why the Celtics are better than the Cavs

It seems that every year I make it a tradition to pick and root against LeBron in the eastern conference finals. While I generally never really believe he’ll get upset, aside from Paul George’s Pacers, this year it feels different. I Believe Kyrie Irving is better than people give him credit for, honestly he’s about 85% of the reason LeBron hasn’t lost 6 of the 8 finals he’s been in. Sorry LeBron lovers if I’ve offended you but its true.

Aside from having the constantly improving Kyrie Irving, the Celtics are better in every aspect of basketball. They have a better coach, bench, starting five, defense, and their front office has already fleeced the Cavs before the season even started. The NBA should basically market this game as LeBron vs the Celtics because the rest of the Cavs are essentially worthless garbage you’d find at a garage sale. Despite this I’m still very excited to see this playoff match-up solely for the feuds that will take place, you’ve got Kyrie vs Lebron, Isaiah Thomas against his former team, and you know players like Jaylen Brown and JR Smith will be talking major shit before hand. Plus you’ve got number 1 and 2 in flops per game going head to head in Marcus Smart and LeBron, so that should be entertaining for a little before it inevitably makes me infuriated. Image result for gif of marcus smart floppingImage result for gif of lebron flopping

All in all I’m excited to see the Celtics dethrone the soft wanna be GOAT otherwise known as Lebron. Also sorry to the rest of the eastern conference if you were offended i didn’t mention you but you haven’t been worth mentioning in almost a decade. Don’t get mad cause I honestly wish I was wrong, being a Sixers fan myself, but I’m not. To end this post I’m gonna say sorry to all the LeBron fans out there cause the King’s reign is over.



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