“The Legion of Implosion”

The Legion of Boom was once known as the most feared defense in all of football. Holding teams to record numbers that for the purposes of this post you can look up. However, the Legion of Boom, and the Seattle Seahawks as a whole, have officially imploded. If last year you made a list of players from the back to back NFC champion Seahawks’ legendary defense, you’d look at said list and see that each player is still one of the best at their respected position. Skill is not the problem in this case, instead it’s the fact that they all left or are on their way out.

In the 2017-18 NFL season Kam Chancellor, one of the hardest hitting safeties I’ve ever seen, had a serious neck injury in the middle of the season. So severe that he will be missing time this coming season and even contemplated retirement. That was not a huge problem for the Seahawks, most believed they could over come it. What they couldn’t overcome however happened on March 7th 2018 when the idiotic franchise released their most notable player that isn’t a QB and leader Richard Sherman into the world for no reason that I know of. About an hour later they began shopping the best free safety in the league and actually traded their bet defensive lineman Michael Bennett for basically a barrel of cow manure and a wide receiver that i didn’t even tho existed, which is saying something since i’m one of the biggest Eagles fans out there.


While as an Eagles I’m very excited about what transpired, we got another top tier lineman to add to our front 4 and a perennial power in the NFC got significantly weaker. However, if I was from Seattle i would be furious and probably be marching on Century-link Field calling for the heads of those responsible. The front office of the Seahawks stripped away the identity of one of the most feared defenses of my lifetime. Whenever I saw the Seahawks admittedly I was always worried. but those days are over, the big bad legion of boom is no more. Rejoice the rest of the NFL, Richard Sherman is off to play basketball in Denver and the rest of the Seahawks are imploding before our very eyes.


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