My 2018 March Madness Picks Part 1: The Dirty South

It’s once again the best time of the year for most normal human beings, and as tradition millions of people nation wide make under the table bets and fill out brackets. As per usual, I will also be participating in March Madness, the greatest sports tournament of all time, and hopefully will win a billion dollars, courtesy of my man Warren Buffet. But don’t feel bad, I’m giving you the opportunity to make some money and beat your friends by giving you my full march madness bracket picks.

Generally my picks are made from a combination of Vegas betting lines, what I saw from the few NCAA games I’ve watched this year, and pure gut feeling due to my lack of knowledge of about 75% percent of the teams in the tourney. This year doesn’t differ, i made my bracket Sunday night, than modified it a bit on Monday when Vegas released the lines, and now will remain unchanged. So here you go, the official 2018 March Madness Bracket of @courtsidevp

Part 1, The Dirty South:

Round of 64:

#1 Virginia vs #16 UMBC, didn’t even know UMBC was a college and I’m not stupid; Virginia 

#8 Creighton vs #9 Kansas State, Kansas State’s two best players are questionable for the game and Creighton’s aren’t; Creighton

#5 Kentucky vs #12 Davidson, As much as I want to pick Davidson I can’t bet against Johnny Cal in march; Kentucky

#4 Arizona vs #13 Buffalo, Arizona is the most talented 4 seed in the tourney and Buffalo won’t stand a chance; Arizona 

#6 Miami vs #11 Loyola-Chicago, Loyola-Chicago will be my first round lock for the South due to the little research; Loyola-Chicago

#3 Tennessee vs #14 Wright State, I’m gonna be honest I don’t know anything about Tennessee but I’m gonna assume they win; Tennessee

#7 Nevada vs #10 Texas, Nevada somehow has a RPI rank of 19  and Shaka Smart’s coaching hasn’t translated very well; Nevada

#2 Cincinnati vs #15 Georgia State, I like Cincy a lot, i mean A LOT, and Georgia State doesn’t have a shooter like RJ Hunter this year; Cincy

Round of 32

#1 Virginia vs #8 Creighton, High tempo offense like Creighton’s don’t usually fair well against Virginia’s defense; Virginia 

#4 Arizona vs #5 Kentucky, Somehow Arizona has more NBA talent than Johnny C’s squad so i think this is kinda an easy pick; Arizona

#3 Tennessee vs #11 Loyola-Chicago, The Cinderella team of 2018 will be Loyola-Chicago and they will trounce the Vols; Loyola-Chicago 

#2 Cincinnati vs #7 Nevada, As i said before I really like Cincy this year, I’m not sure why i just do so I’m rollin with them; Cincy

Sweet Sixteen

#1 Virginia vs #4 Arizona, Every year it  seems like Virginia is super good in the regular season but then gets bounced in the tourney at about this time and Arizona is a super talented offensive force lead by top 5 pick DeAndre Ayton; Arizona

#2 Cincinnati vs #11 Loyola-Chicago, Sorry one of the many Loyola’s but your Cinderella run has come to an end because you’re not gonna be able to score against theses bear-cats; Cincy 

Elite Eight

#2 Cincinnati vs #4 Arizona, While Arizona is a offensive juggernaut these bear-cats have the ability to stop them somewhat whilst still being able to put points on the board. As a result the Cincinnati Bear-Cats will win the South region and make their first final four since 1992; Cincy

Congrats Cincinnati you’ve earned it

Xavier v Cincinnati







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