My 2018 March Madness Picks Part 2: The Wild West

If you didn’t read my whole intro from part 1, then guess what? You should probably go back and read, here’s the link: However if you don’t want to that’s fine to, but basically I’m giving you my 2018 March Madness picks so you can win your bracket pulls and hopefully some money. If you didn’t read the title, I will be going through the Western region of the bracket, aka The Wild West.

Round of 64

#1 Xavier vs #16 NCC/TS, Honestly it doesnt matter who wins the play in game cause Xavier is gonna spank there ass in the 1st round; Xavier

#8 Missouri vs #9 Florida State, Missouri is a lock, got back number one recruit Michael Porter Jr. last week and he will be the best player on the court; Missouri

#5 Ohio State vs #12 South Dakota State, OSU has a young good coach, but sadly he hasn’t been to the dance before; South Dakota State

#4 Gonzaga vs #13 UNCG, Honestly Gonzaga is an under seeded team this year and i expected them to dominant in round 1; Gonzaga

#6 Houston vs #11 San Diego State, SDSU is peaking at the right time and expect them to continue it against the AAC runner-ups; San Diego State

#3 Michigan vs #14 Montana, Another hot team entering the, I expect the BIG 10 champs to go far this year; Michigan

#7 Texas A&M vs #10 Providence, I’m gonna be honest… i flipped a coin to decide this game due to my lack of interest in either team; Texas A&M

#2 North Carolina vs #15 Lipscomb, Yet another small school that i didn’t think was real, like seriously Lipscomb?; North Carolina

Round of 32

#1 Xavier vs #8 Missouri, Xavier is by far the weakest one seed and Michael Porter Jr is by far better than any of their players; Missouri

#4 Gonzaga vs #12 South Dakota State, Sorry South Dakota but Gonzaga is to smart and good to lose to you but congrats for beating OSU; Gonzaga

#3 Michigan vs #11 San Diego State, I’m gonna keep riding Michigan’s momentum and say that this is a blowout win; Michigan 

#2 UNC vs #7 Texas A&M, based on my lack of Texas A&M knowledge I expect a very good UNC team to beat them comfortable; North Carolina

Sweet Sixteen

#4 Gonzaga vs #8 Missouri, Gonzaga continues it’s cake walk to the final four being that you can’t beat them with one individual player, their to smart and to good for that; Gonzaga 

#North Carolina vs #3 Michigan, As much as i love UNC and i generally pick them to get far every year, this year is just sadly not their year. Michigan is to hot; Michigan

Elite Eight

#3 Michigan vs #4 Gonzaga; Michigan matches up very well with Gonzaga, and frankly I don’t see Gonzaga making it to two final fours in a row ever. So i’m gonna keep picking the very hot wolverines to make it to the final four for the first time since Trey Burke put the team on his back; Michigan

Congrats Michigan, get your plane tickets to San Antonio



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