My 2018 March Madness Picks Part 4: The Beasts in the East

If you didn’t read my whole intro from part 1, then guess what? You should probably go back and read, here’s the link: However if you don’t want to that’s fine to, but basically I’m giving you my 2018 March Madness picks so you can win you’re bracket pulls and hopefully some money. If you didn’t read the title, I will be going through the Mid-West region of the bracket, aka the Heartland, aka America’s Breadbasket. And yes i did copy this intro from the second and third parts of my bracket picks and you should read them, here’s some links; part 2: part 3:

Now lets get started

Round of 64

#1 Villanova vs #16 Radford, Number 1 seeds always beat 16 seeds, so this is a no brainer; Villanova

#8 Alabama vs #9 Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech is a very good team however Bama’s Colin Sexton has been very hot recently; Alabama

#5 West Virginia vs #12 Murray State, West Virginia style of play isn’t meant for the tourney and Murray State shoot the ball really well; Murray State

#4 Wichita State vs #13 Marshall, Gregg Marshall is a very good coach in march and this team has experience, expect Wichita to go far;  Wichita State

#6 Florida vs #11 St.Bonaventure, If UCLA had won the play in game i would have considered not picking Florida but they didn’t; Florida

#3 Texas Tech vs #14 SF Austin, This isn’t your usual bracket busting SF Austin, Texas Tech is frankly a much better team and should get the job done; Texas Tech

#7 Arkansas vs #10 Butler, Not sure how but Butler is favored in this game which makes this pick very easy; Butler

#2 Purdue vs #15 CSU Fullerton, Yet another school i didn’t know existed which makes it hard to pick them at all; Purdue

Round of 32

#1 Villanova vs #9 Alabama, I tend to make it a tradition of picking Nova to lose in the 2nd round every year and that tradition will continue; Alabama

#4 Wichita State vs #12 Murray State, Again Wichita is very deep and efficient on both ends of the floor which makes them a good tourney team; Wichita State

#3 Texas Tech vs #6 Florida, I originally picked Texas Tech however as i thought about it more Florida is actually really good, they shoot a lot of threes and don’t turn it over; Florida

#2 Purdue vs #10 Butler, Purdue has better players but Butler tends to play very well in march, expect a very close game but Purdue will edge it out;  Purdue

Sweet Sixteen

#4 Wichita State vs #9 Alabama, Gregg Marshall turned down the Alabama job a few years ago for a reason, because Wichita State is better; Wichita State

#2 Purdue vs #6 Florida, Florida is a very 3 dependent team and doesn’t protect the rim very well, Purdue has a 7’2 guy that looks like Ivan Drago from Rocky IV that will dominant this game; Purdue 

Elite Eight

#2 Purdue vs #4 Wichita State, This may be the least watched elite eight game of all time, but nevertheless I see this game going down to the wire with the better coach pulling out the dub. Wichita State will be my last final four pick; Wichita State

Congrats Wichita State, the only thing that would make this better is if you still had Ron Baker and Fred van Vleet



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