LeBron Gets Exposed like a Bum

Yet another example of my mortal enemy, LeBron James, being the fraudulent drama queen he is. When he should be worrying about my Sixers as well as the Celtics in the upcoming NBA playoffs, the so called “King” is suing Nick Saban, head coach of Alabama football in case you live under a rock and didn’t know, for having a show taking place in a barbershop. Never before have I considered myself a Nick Saban fan, but that might change because he is the only person on the planet that has stood up against the shack of shit, LeBron James. For the entirety of LeBron’s life, he has been handed everything; from college recruiters giving him gifts, endorsements deals, and his competition practically bending down on one knee to him as if he were Jon Snow.

LeBron is officially rattled and things are only going to get worse for him since there is literally a 0% chance he wins this ridiculous lawsuit, being that its such a ridiculous lawsuit. Hey LeBron guess what? People have been doing interviews, TV shows, and movies in barbershops for years so you could probably be sued for the same dumb thing you hypocrite. I know you didn’t go to college LeBron but you should be smart enough to know you can’t win this case. The fact that Nick Saban has been on record saying that he going to continue his “Shop Talk” program shows a lack of respect toward the King that frankly no one on the planet in the past decade besides myself and Lance Stephenson have shown him. Sorry LeBron James but there’s a new king in town and its not you buddy. Congrats Nick Saban you’ve made yourself an ally for life. Below is a live look at Nick Saban and LeBron

Image result for Lebron James crying


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