VP’s Picks 11/15/18

No football tonight sadly, but kind of a good thing considering Buffalo”s QB literally found every way possible to lose me money from throwing picks to fumbling on the 10, but that’s in the past and a short memory is key. Last night went a putrid 1-3 But today is a new day so here are my picks;

Saint Joseph’s -3.5 vs Wake Forest; i Know this game is happening right now, may even be over by the time that i post this, but I did pick it last night so its going on here. Starting the day of with a W

Pitt -11 vs Central Arkansas; Pitt isn’t as ass as they have been in recent memory, and they are 3-0 overall this season and also against the spread

Delaware +2.5 vs Cornell; Honestly not really sure why ii’m picking Delaware but if they can beat anyone it’s Andy Bernard’s alma mater 

TCU -10.5 vs Fresno State; Jamie Dixon is really good, and doesn’t lose to teams he’s better than

Oregon -4 vs Iowa; Oregon has secretly became a reoccurring team in the top 25 rankings and is a good team yet again while Iowa is solid not great

….You’re welcome, more picks to come


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Vice President of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of @CourtsideNet but not very good at my job, Co-Host of Courtcast, Degenerate Gambler, and Proud Philly Native

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