Andy Reid is trash just like this question and his supporters

Any eagles fan that seriously picks Andy Reid over Doug Pederson in anything other than a pie eating contest should be exiled from Philadelphia and forced to live in Amish country. You may think this is an over-exaggeration of sorts and may not be taking any of this seriously, but i’m here to tell you that I stand by my opening statement. Andy Reid may have lead us to 4 straight NFC championship games in 13 years but unsurprisingly lost 3 of them, and the one time he got a win big old Andy would go on to lose to Brady and Belichick.  Honestly I’d rather pull some drunk birds fan from the tailgate like Larry Puffer to coach my team rather than watch Andy Reid play it safe and kick field goals on 4th. Seriously? I just don’t understand why anyone would pick him over Doug Pederson


Like seriously, one doesn’t even know how to fist bump another human and drinks way to much milk for someone over the age of 10. Doug Pederson won a super bowl in his second season against the greatest coach in football and wears a visor, enough said

The fact that Philly Daily News published article and tweeted something this dumb is laughable itself. They should lose the right to report on Philly based sports and Courtside should be given their media credentials because we do a better job of covering basically everything, even with a budget of ZERO dollars. I guess it could also be personality thing to like if you’re a smart logical person you’ll most likely pick Doug but if you’re an idiot you’ll lean toward Andy, or something along those lines.

Reid wins regular season games, not playoff games, which will always stop him from becoming anything other than a mediocre coach that happens to be an absolute unit. Doug Pederson i will always have your back for doing what Andy couldn’t, bringing my city a Superbowl


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Vice President of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of @CourtsideNet but not very good at my job, Co-Host of Courtcast, Degenerate Gambler, and Proud Philly Native

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