Game Recap: Suns at Sixers 11/19

After being short as many as 14 tonight early in the game, the Sixers got back on track behind Embiid’s 33 points and 17 boards, as well as another near triple-double from Simmons. Simmons, who posted 19 points, had a nice game with some athletic finishes and seemed to do better about balancing his own offensive moves with not trying to do too much and passing the ball when he felt the need to. Every Sixers starter posted atleast 15 points except Wilson Chandler (Redick with 17, Butler with 16).

Most notable in tonight’s game was Mike Muscala’s 19 points, with 2 3-point makes on 3 attempts and 9 free throw makes. Additionally, TJ McConnell saw some minutes for the first time in a while, with 9 minutes and one quite athletic finish for his only 2 points. 

The Sixers’ 119-114 win over Phoenix feels like a sign of positive movement as the team cleans up on execution. The team usually starts well, loses their lead to sloppy play, and then either barely squeaks it out or loses another close one. This felt like a reversal of that, where they started off poorly, but had the composure and consistently solid play to bring themselves back into the game and hold the Suns at arms length down the stretch. This game, more than anything, felt like a testament to the kind of talent this team has and Brett’s ability to manage it all despite the rotations being somewhat shallow with some bodies out for injury. It was also a testament that the Suns are trash and might just get to draft Zion Williamson at number one because they can’t help themselves.


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