Giants Implode like usual after Jake Elliott yanks their heart out

The past two weeks Giants fans had seemed to have turned into Cowboys, becoming delusional after a two game win streak which tripled their win total. I even saw some belief that their shit giants were gonna make the playoffs, and any giants fan reading this that believed this should check themselves into some sort of care service or hospital. In my personal opinion you should try a mental institute because you’re most likely a crazy person. But as many of you know the giants did what they always do… implode in the second half when it actually matters. Whether its the miracle at the meadowlands, Desean Jackson’s punt return, Jake Elliott’s field goal, or Jake Elliott’s other field goal the giants seem to always get donkey brains in the crunch time against the Eagles. And sorry to tell you giants fans but this will continue to happen because you are a mismanaged franchise that doesn’t try to improve their future. If the giants were smart they would have drafted a QB instead of Saquon, used more picks on linemen, traded obj, or countless other things to establish a better foundation. 

It’s unbelievable that we now have two crazily insane fan bases in the NFC east alone, yes i’m talking about you Cowboys fans. At least the Redskins know what they are (mediocre) where as you cowboys fans flip flop like a fish out of water about your expectations for Cowboys. One week you’ll hate Dak, Jason Garrett, and/or Jerry Jones then after you win one game ya’ll think you have a chance in the post season. And you guys obviously haven’t realized it yet but its just a sad pathetic look, highly recommend ya’ll Cowboy fans come back down to earth.

So to conclude this post, i just want to leave you with this… Eagles will always be the class of the NFC East and the rest will always be mediocre, so Cowboys and Giants fans just embrace it because it will always be this way for the rest of our life times.


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Vice President of Operations and Editor-in-Chief of @CourtsideNet but not very good at my job, Co-Host of Courtcast, Degenerate Gambler, and Proud Philly Native

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