Biggest Game of the Season? Preview of Eagles vs Redskins

I just want to start of by admitting I was wrong about the Cowboys, honestly I was pretty much 100% certain the Saints would come marching in and drop a 50 burger on the Boys. However that clearly didn’t happen, quite the opposite really, but nonetheless I still have faith in our Philadelphia Eagles to win out the rest of the season and winning the division by doing so, here’s why…

After the eagles got embarrassed by the Saints two weeks ago it seemed like the rest of our season could go one of two ways, use the loss as inspiration or continue to get beaten down. In the second quarter of the Giants Eagles game last week when we were down 19-3 I had thought they chosen the first, but I was proven wrong. Instead my birds rallied and came back to win on a late field goal to improve to 2-1 in the division. The Eagles from top to bottom seemed to play with a different energy after getting down to an early deficit of 16. Both the offense and defense played phenomenal, playing much above the standard they have been setting this season. I know it was against the hilariously terrible giants, but the NFC East divisional games are always hard fought and close to say the least. That brings us to this week when the division rival Redskins come to town. This may very well be the biggest game of the season being that we need to, no must win every division game to reach the playoffs. 

In my mind we have all the momentum going into the game with Meek Mills album dropping Friday, named “Championships” after the Eagles Super Bowl (highly recommend listening if you haven’t), the recent glimmer of grit and heart the birds showed last week, and the redskins coming of a very demoralizing loss to say the least. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d put a lot of dough on the eagles +6.5 this weekend because I think we are going to legitimately murder Washington. To end this “in depth” analysis of the Eagles game I’m going to quote meek mill’s album “Championships” which honestly inspired me to write this and gain hope  for the Eagles in the first place so shout out to Meek Mill. Anyways “Championships” because that is what we should be after, and anyone that’s happy with our one Superbowl shouldn’t be a fan. We should be hungry for more, striving to become a dynasty but it starts this weekend with the biggest game of the season on Monday night at approximately 8:15 pm against the Redskins. So I’ll leave it at this… GO BIRDS


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