Christmas Comes Early: Big Dick Nick destroys Sean McVay & Co

A year and some change ago from today the Eagles went to LA to play the Rams in a game where Nick Foles would eventually take over for an injured Carson Wentz, and we all pretty much know what happened from there. Now this year Nick Foles again took over for an injured Wentz against the very same team, sprinkled some of his Big Dick Magic, and got a win against debatable the best team in the NFC, highlights below if you’re a scumbag and didn’t watch

Nick Foles statistically didn’t play up to his standards dropping 270 passing yards, no TDs, and a passer rating of 89.4 but his impact was immeasurable. The whole team just looked like they had a different energy and feeling to them. Just look at my Pittsburgh Panther brother Avonte Maddox, a glorified special teams player that allowed a receiver to get almost 300 yds in front of my very face when he played at Pitt, but last night he actually looked like a competent corner as he had a interception and covered the rams receiving core very well. Alshon Jeffrey also looked like the top ten receiver he is snagging 160 yards in the air including catching an absolute bomb from Big Dick Nick

Next week the surging Texans will come to the Linc to get there very own taste of Nick Foles and the gang which will be the biggest game of the season as its a must win. To end this recap i’ll leave you Nicko Mode, the greatest thing ever made, you’re welcome


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