Eagles lose to Saints in very Eagle-ish fashion

Very often this year, we Eagles fans have had to bear witness to more than a couple of last second, “What the fuck?”, type of losses. Whether it’s the Titans, Cowboys, or Buc’s, the Eagles have lost plenty-and in a surprisingly unsurprising fashion. Last year Nick Foles did a crazy off-brand Philadelphia sports move, and decided to win something eventually leading to the first Super Bowl championship in Eagles history. In addition to that we then won a playoff game the this year because of the Chicago Bears’ stupidity to beat the Vikings (and let the Birds in the playoffs) to then lose to them on a double doinker. Then to end this shit 2018 football season we mustered up a 14-0 lead against the 1 seeded Saints in the Super Dome to then lose on essentially, a fake punt and 4th down touchdown. Like, seriously?

Honestly after watching the game tape back a couple of times, and going through the normal stages of depression, I’ve come to the conclusion that we will be back here next season with a very hungry roster. Sadly the great Big Dick Nick will most likely not be on our roster next season, but we will have a very talented and healthy Carson Wentz back under center. Just a reminder that Carson Wentz was on track to be the 2017 MVP, and then put up MVP-level numbers whilst injured this year. Gonna be honest, I was of the opinion that if Foles won this game, then we should trade Wentz, but as we all know that didn’t happen. But in spite of my Foles love, honestly Carson Wentz is probably the better option going forward looking at all the data. But in honor of Foles here’s his 2017 playoff highlights:

To continue, with Carson Wentz fully healthy at QB and a defense I suspect to continue playing at the level they were in these playoffs, we will be back at this position next year, possibly at the Linc’. And I believe with a QB that has the natural talent that Carson Wentz has, we will always have a good chance to win not only these playoffs games but Super Bowls year-in and year-out… and just to remind you of Carson’s greatness I’ll leave you with this video: this is what we’re looking forward to.


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