Joel Embiid Triumphantly Returned to Talking Shit on Twitter, and It’s Glorious

After the Philadelphia 76ers’ dominant 149-197 win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Joel Embiid did something we haven’t seen in a while: he took to Twitter.

For reasons unknown, Embiid has been relatively quiet on social media this season, compared to last season where he would post pictures of him dunking on Russell Westbrook even after a loss. If I had to guess, Embiid wanted to let his play speak for itself as he embarked on an MVP campaign. But regardless of the ‘why,’ here is Embiid’s tweet about the game last night:

Embiid hilariously refers to the pre-trade Butler drama in Minnesota.

For context, the Minnesota Timberwolves was the team Jimmy Butler demanded a trade from in order to end up on the Sixers, and Embiid is specifically referring to an event which took place at a Timberwolves’ practice.

Butler came to the practice, even though he was not really supposed to because of the trade request, hopped into the scrimmage with the 3rd string lineup, and proceeded to beat the starters, including Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. Reportedly, Butler talked a lot of mess to the starters, as well as making a scene in front of the front office. Butler later claimed (on a podcast with teammate JJ Redick) that he only took a single shot in the scrimmage.

Butler’s primary grievance with the two young Timberwolves was their lack of urgency to win, and Embiid’s tweet shows that not only is he about that hustle, but he’s trying to prove a point in doing so, as Butler did in the scrimmage earlier this year.

For one thing, I hope Embiid will start to feel himself a little bit again. He seems to have doubted himself at times this year despite his unprecedented performance, and with a long, hard stretch of games coming up, the team could use the confidence.


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