Orlando Scandrick Proves Tom Landry Was Involved in JFK Assassination

Usually known for blowing covers on the field, Orlando Scandrick just made a huge mistake.

You can watch the interview here.

Scandrick just proved that the Cowboys started as a communist sleeper cell during the Cold War.

Well, let’s take a look back at the start.

The Dallas Cowboys were founded in 1960, the same year that JFK had done the following in his Presidential Campaign:

“Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon both pledged to strengthen American military forces and promised a tough stance against the Soviet Union and international communism. Kennedy warned of the Soviet’s growing arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles and pledged to revitalize American nuclear forces. He also criticized the Eisenhower administration for permitting the establishment of a pro-Soviet government in Cuba.”

Convenient to establish a football franchise in your rival’s territory just as they are getting ready to delete Cuba off the map.

You wanna know what happened next? John F. Kennedy was assassinated… IN DALLAS TEXAS. Has anyone thought that it was weird that Lee Harvey Oswald kinda looks like if Old Tom Landry told young Tom Landry to travel ahead in time to hault any sort of American advancement? Just look at the chins I mean it’s uncanny.

Smart of Old Tom to tell young Tom not to wear a hat that would have been too obvious. Hats and beards are basically make up for guys.

There is also nothing more suspicious than giving them the nickname “America’s Team.”  The USSR was essentially the RoadRunner writing “not poison” on a label and the Wiley Coyote (United States) came by and slurped it up.

Well “meep meep” to you too Jerry Jones.

And guess who is a big Dallas Cowboys fan? Lebron James! LeBron Dallas.jpg

Remember, LeBron recently trademarked “Chancellor James” after he declared that harvesting the organs of protestors is actually okay as long as you sell the organs to buy Nike Lebron 17s.

The sheep that live in Texas and for some reason South Jersey might as well be murdering protestors themselves by supporting and perpetuating this communist propaganda for the past 59 years.

Absolutely shameful that we have let this happen for so long.