Nick Foles is the Monta Ellis to Carson Wentz’s Steph Curry

I love Nick Foles. You love Nick Foles. America loves Nick Foles. But if you think the Eagles should keep him over Carson Wentz then you are a stupid idiot. Almost as stupid and idiotic as the people that wanted to keep Monta Ellis over Steph Curry in 2012.

As with most things in this world we find that history does repeat itself. This time we are re-visiting the age-old debate of whether you should keep a productive veteran over the young phenom with superstar potential.

I just want to revisit that debate real quick. If you don’t believe that this debate actually happened (because it looks so ridiculous 7 years later) here’s an article published about it on Bleacher Report. If you don’t want to click on the link, I’ll sum up what some of these people were saying about each player. Steph Curry can’t stay healthy with his nagging ankle but is young and can shoot the lights out. Monta Ellis was the elite scorer but his play wouldn’t translate to wins and the fans adored Monta Ellis. Even this dude known as the “hoops critic” on Twitter loved Ellis. I am not even going to begin to explain the difference in the paths Curry and Ellis went on after this because it is just so brutally lopsided.

The parallels between Steph and Wentz are uncanny. Steph Curry had shown flashes of greatness early on, especially when he made the most threes ever by a rookie in 2009 by hitting 166. Carson Wentz was going to be MVP last season and held the league lead in TD passes from week 13 to week 16 when Tom Brady finally passed him in the last game. Carson Wentz is a legitimate top 10 quarterback in the league that has an incredible pre-snap IQ and a tremendous feel for the game. He has got everything you want in a quarterback. He’s got the size, athleticism, arm, work ethic, and football acumen. Wentz will enter next season at 26 and still on his rookie contract. This isn’t a hard decision.

Now for Nick Foles.

I am incredibly thankful for Foles and think he should have his number retired as an Eagle. No one should ever wear the number 9 in midnight green ever again. But guys, did you actually watch him play this year? Foles put up a whopping 18 points in the opener against Atlanta (28th ranked defense in the NFL) and looked absolutely lost at Tampa Bay (27th ranked defense in the NFL) in a game that ended a lot closer than it was. He broke the Eagles passing record and tied the NFL completion record late, and then was so average come playoff time that it physically hurt. Outside of the last drive against the Bears and the first quarter against the Saints he just wasn’t good. He was missing throws and making subpar decisions for 6/8 quarters the Eagles played in the postseason. In these playoffs, Foles was 43-71 with 3 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Yes, the one pick wasn’t his fault but his quarterback rating of 61 and not being able to score after the first quarter is on him. Also, his one pick on an underthrown ball to Zach Ertz in the second quarter completely changed the game. Nick Foles defied all logic last postseason and on game-winning drives. He all of the sudden turns into the greatest quarterback ever after looking lost at times the rest of the game. It’s unbelievable and no one will ever be able to explain it. But trading a young MVP level quarterback on a rookie contract to sign a 29-year-old to a lucrative contract may be the single dumbest idea floated around the city of Philadelphia in years.

Nick Foles has peaked. He will only decline from this point.

I am looking forward to being 31 years old and looking back on all of these decade-old tweets of people bashing Wentz and saying they should trade him. They will look just as dumb as Brian Geltzeiler and I can’t wait for old takes exposed to let them hear about it.