Biggest Game of the Season? Preview of Eagles vs Redskins

I just want to start of by admitting I was wrong about the Cowboys, honestly I was pretty much 100% certain the Saints would come marching in and drop a 50 burger on the Boys. However that clearly didn’t happen, quite the opposite really, but nonetheless I still have faith in our Philadelphia Eagles to win out the rest of the season and winning the division by doing so, here’s why…

After the eagles got embarrassed by the Saints two weeks ago it seemed like the rest of our season could go one of two ways, use the loss as inspiration or continue to get beaten down. In the second quarter of the Giants Eagles game last week when we were down 19-3 I had thought they chosen the first, but I was proven wrong. Instead my birds rallied and came back to win on a late field goal to improve to 2-1 in the division. The Eagles from top to bottom seemed to play with a different energy after getting down to an early deficit of 16. Both the offense and defense played phenomenal, playing much above the standard they have been setting this season. I know it was against the hilariously terrible giants, but the NFC East divisional games are always hard fought and close to say the least. That brings us to this week when the division rival Redskins come to town. This may very well be the biggest game of the season being that we need to, no must win every division game to reach the playoffs. 

In my mind we have all the momentum going into the game with Meek Mills album dropping Friday, named “Championships” after the Eagles Super Bowl (highly recommend listening if you haven’t), the recent glimmer of grit and heart the birds showed last week, and the redskins coming of a very demoralizing loss to say the least. If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d put a lot of dough on the eagles +6.5 this weekend because I think we are going to legitimately murder Washington. To end this “in depth” analysis of the Eagles game I’m going to quote meek mill’s album “Championships” which honestly inspired me to write this and gain hope  for the Eagles in the first place so shout out to Meek Mill. Anyways “Championships” because that is what we should be after, and anyone that’s happy with our one Superbowl shouldn’t be a fan. We should be hungry for more, striving to become a dynasty but it starts this weekend with the biggest game of the season on Monday night at approximately 8:15 pm against the Redskins. So I’ll leave it at this… GO BIRDS


Giants Implode like usual after Jake Elliott yanks their heart out

The past two weeks Giants fans had seemed to have turned into Cowboys, becoming delusional after a two game win streak which tripled their win total. I even saw some belief that their shit giants were gonna make the playoffs, and any giants fan reading this that believed this should check themselves into some sort of care service or hospital. In my personal opinion you should try a mental institute because you’re most likely a crazy person. But as many of you know the giants did what they always do… implode in the second half when it actually matters. Whether its the miracle at the meadowlands, Desean Jackson’s punt return, Jake Elliott’s field goal, or Jake Elliott’s other field goal the giants seem to always get donkey brains in the crunch time against the Eagles. And sorry to tell you giants fans but this will continue to happen because you are a mismanaged franchise that doesn’t try to improve their future. If the giants were smart they would have drafted a QB instead of Saquon, used more picks on linemen, traded obj, or countless other things to establish a better foundation. 

It’s unbelievable that we now have two crazily insane fan bases in the NFC east alone, yes i’m talking about you Cowboys fans. At least the Redskins know what they are (mediocre) where as you cowboys fans flip flop like a fish out of water about your expectations for Cowboys. One week you’ll hate Dak, Jason Garrett, and/or Jerry Jones then after you win one game ya’ll think you have a chance in the post season. And you guys obviously haven’t realized it yet but its just a sad pathetic look, highly recommend ya’ll Cowboy fans come back down to earth.

So to conclude this post, i just want to leave you with this… Eagles will always be the class of the NFC East and the rest will always be mediocre, so Cowboys and Giants fans just embrace it because it will always be this way for the rest of our life times.

The Truth behind the Fultz Injury Conspiracy

Over the last two seasons we haven’t seen much to be proud about pertaining to our 2017 first round Markelle Fultz, averaging a measly 7.7 points 3.4 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game over a total of 33 games played. This would be fairly good if Fultz had been say a late first or second round pick but sadly he was the first overall pick. And to make matters worse we traded a future first to move up two picks to select him as many of you know. In defense of Markelle, he has been dealing with a somewhat undefinable injury that had left me scratching my head for quiet some time. So to clear things up i have done extensive research into the subject and  belief to have come up with the reason for Fultz’s injury and loss of confidence resulting from said injury. Below is a summed up report of my findings

Part 1:

Now as many of you know Markelle Fultz is undoubtable the biggest Chick-fil-a enthusiast in the NBA and has been quoted saying he eats it almost everyday. The video below you can see his love for the christian based company’s chicken and sauce. Obviously the consumption of this much fast-food will lead to weight gain whether you’re a professional athlete or not. In addition Fultz is relatively young, immature, and doesn’t know how a professional athlete cares for his/her body. With that said weight gain will lead to a lose of athleticism and durability. Both these have added to the decline of Fultz’s talent level as he has clearly become worse than he was in college, perhaps even high school. But this is not the only reason he has digressed as much as he has

Part 2: 

Over the past week, Fultz has been advised by his agent/attorney Raymond Brothers to step away from the team and get his shoulder checked out by a private doctor. Before hearing of this news I was in belief that Fultz had recovered from his shoulder injury that left him out most of last year… evidently not. I’m not really sure what a private doctor will tell him that the Sixers’ medical staff hasn’t already but whatever more power to him. This is not the issue i have instead i am questioning the reemergence and origin of said injury.  After i reasonable amount of research i have come to the conclusion that Markelle fultz got injured in a motorcycle accident which if true would negate his contract similar to Jay Williams circa 2020. Due to the potential lose of money Fultz and his camp have been keeping the origins and seriousness of injury under wraps. When his shooting coach Drew Hanlen tweeted about this secret injury Fultz immediately denounced Drew and removed all contact with him, coincidence? i think not. All signs point to Markelle getting into a most likely dumb and childish motorcycle crash leading to a loss of skill and shooting ability, a common after effect seen for motorcycle crashes. This being from the unsafe nature of the motorcycle, and if you don’t belief me just look up the story of once top prospect Jay Williams.


This motorcycle crash in combination with poor dietary habits a la Chick-fila is the real reason for Fultz becoming the monumental bust we are  currently witnessing. Markelle Fultz if you or any of you’re camp is reading this the jig is up cause I, CourtsideVP, have uncovered the truth behind you’re stupid injury despite efforts to cover it up  

Eagles lose battle, but not the war

Last week my birds lost to our division rivals the Dallas Cowboys. Than Last night the Philadelphia eagles got absolutely demolished and embarrassed by the class of the NFC known as the New Orleans Saints, and truthfully we should’ve expected it. As a result, many people are starting to lose hope in the birds this year, many don’t even believe they have a shot to win the horrendous NFC East. But I’m here to tell you not to give up on the Eagles because we will always have the heart of champion and the appetite of a hungry dog at the end of the day. Just take last year as an example when we were written of by tons of people cause Carson Wentz went down against the Rams and Big Dick Nick took over. And I’ll be honest i lost a little hope, as did most eagles fans but it’s during these moments when our birds shine brighter than ever. It’s when we get disrespected by the media, other fan bases, and ourselves that the eagles play like they’ve got nothing to lose and put it all out there on the field. 

Not to make excuses, but we also happen to have no depth at our weakest position corner-back (due to injury), our tackles are both fighting and somewhat broken down (One to injury and the other to age), an undrafted rookie running back (Our other RB’s got injured), and a plethora of somewhat new receivers (Most were acquired due to injuries). You starting to see a trend here?  

The fact that we still have the ability to win the NFC East is the reason we can’t lose hope but should instead gain it, because when we sneak into the playoffs as the 4 seed with a 8-8 or 9-7 record we’re gonna yet again be underdogs at home in the wild card round. It will be at that moment when Doug Pederson, Malcolm Jenkins, Lane Johnson, or any other leader on the roster will inspire the rest to play like the underdogs we are and will always be. There is no doubt in my mind that WHEN the Eagles make the playoffs, we will not once be the favorite and perhaps have an even more inspiring run to our second Superbowl championship in 2 years. Kyle Brandt said it best last year before our first playoff game why you can never write off the Eagles (See below)

So to all you Eagles fans that have given up on this team, you don’t deserve to be a fan nor gain the spoils from last year’s Superbowl because you don’t understand what it means to be a blue collar Philadelphian. And when we do get into the playoffs, i will remember each and everyone of you traitors