Congrats to the Real National Champions

I know this may be a little late but i’d like to congratulate the real 2018 college football national champions, the UCF knights. After going win less two years ago the program miraculously had a two year turn around ending in an undefeated season to go along with a national championship. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can now discuss the fake 2018 national champs, widely known as the Roll Tide.

No matter what you call them, this Alabama team will never be my national champs and anyone that views it otherwise is simply wrong. They shouldn’t even have made the CFP in the first place, but the committee as always has a southern, or should i say Alabama, bias. Alabama didn’t have any quality wins this year, with there best one coming against a miserable SEC program that lost to Troy homecoming weekend,  and the only respectable program they played was Auburn, who they lost too. I can’t say I’m surprised though, being that it is Alabama and the playoff committee has shown over the years that they have a hard on for the roll tide. Just look at how happy Nick Saban was, that’s the face of a man that knows he’s not the real champ.nicksaban

To make this even more annoying is that the actually national champions, UCF, beat Auburn, Alabama’s only loss, their last game of the season. I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure that means UCF is better than Alabama. If the two ever did meet on a football field, I’d predict UCF to win in a similar fashion as they did in 2000. Never the less as I said before, UCF will always in my eyes be the 2018 college football national champions and it is plain disrespectful to even put Alabama and 2018 national champion in the same sentence. It’s so disrespectful that I believe the football gods will, if they haven’t already, curse Alabama football and the rest of that school for the next decade. You heard it here first everybody, Alabama will not win another national championship, maybe even SEC championship for the next decade. Finally I’d like to congratulation UCF, aka the people’s national champions.UCFvBama


NFL Playoff Picks (Post Wild Card Games)

With what I would describe to be a very odd wild card weekend ending and the divisional round of the NFL playoffs coming up I figured it was the perfect time to make my first ever blog post and make my picks for the upcoming Weekend.


I’ll start with maybe the easiest pick in football playoff history, with the Patriots dominating the Titans. As much as I hate the Patriots, it is impossible not to pick theBradyandBillm as its basically a bye week for Belichick and Brady. The Titans didn’t even deserve to be in the playoffs in the first place, let alone on the same field as the Patriots. I’m actually scared to watch this game as i expect Tom Brady to throw 4 TD’s in at least the first half. If I was Marcus Mariota I wouldn’t even show up honestly, why not go to your homeland of Hawaii instead and start your off-season early; Patriots 42 Titans 3


To round out the AFC I’m going with an upset in the Jaguars over the Steelers. The Steelers may have the best running back and wide receiver in the league however they’re lead by a old scumbag quarterback who got absolutely abused by “Sacksonville” week 5 and will probably get beat down to retirement this weekend. Sorry Antonio Brown and Lev Bell but you won’t make the Super Bowl yet again, and congrats to Blake Bortles who will be undefeated in his playoff career; Jaguars 24 Steelers 10

With the AFC finished, my attention shifts to the NFC where i’ll begin with the Saints at Vikings. Both teams have good defenses so the real determining factor here is the offense and anyone that isn’t an idiot or from Minnesota should understand that the Saints’ offense is just simply better than the Vikings offense. Drew Brees is clearly better than Case Keenum and either of the Saints running backs are better than Jerik McKinnon. I’d even take the Saints receiving core over the Vikings purely cause Drew Brees is throwing them the ball; Saints 21 Vikings 13

My final game to pick is the Eagles vs Falcons, where the #1 seed is an underdog for the first time in NFL history. This is very insulting to me as i have been an Eagles fan my entire life but I do understand where Vegas is cominBigDickNickg from. Ever since Carson Wentz went down my birds just haven’t been the same on either side of the ball. However with that all said I’m still taking the Eagles in this one purely because I bleed green and believe in Big Dick Nick; Eagles 27 Falcons 21


Those are my divisional picks, if you don’t agree with them you’re most likely wrong and stupid. I’ll be posting my Superbowl Picks next week so stay tuned.