Andy Reid is trash just like this question and his supporters

Any eagles fan that seriously picks Andy Reid over Doug Pederson in anything other than a pie eating contest should be exiled from Philadelphia and forced to live in Amish country. You may think this is an over-exaggeration of sorts and may not be taking any of this seriously, but i’m here to tell you that I stand by my opening statement. Andy Reid may have lead us to 4 straight NFC championship games in 13 years but unsurprisingly lost 3 of them, and the one time he got a win big old Andy would go on to lose to Brady and Belichick.  Honestly I’d rather pull some drunk birds fan from the tailgate like Larry Puffer to coach my team rather than watch Andy Reid play it safe and kick field goals on 4th. Seriously? I just don’t understand why anyone would pick him over Doug Pederson


Like seriously, one doesn’t even know how to fist bump another human and drinks way to much milk for someone over the age of 10. Doug Pederson won a super bowl in his second season against the greatest coach in football and wears a visor, enough said

The fact that Philly Daily News published article and tweeted something this dumb is laughable itself. They should lose the right to report on Philly based sports and Courtside should be given their media credentials because we do a better job of covering basically everything, even with a budget of ZERO dollars. I guess it could also be personality thing to like if you’re a smart logical person you’ll most likely pick Doug but if you’re an idiot you’ll lean toward Andy, or something along those lines.

Reid wins regular season games, not playoff games, which will always stop him from becoming anything other than a mediocre coach that happens to be an absolute unit. Doug Pederson i will always have your back for doing what Andy couldn’t, bringing my city a Superbowl

Down the Stretch: How the Addition of Jimmy Butler Can Improve the Sixers’ Offense Late in the Game

The Sixers have had trouble maintaining the leads that they so often build towards the end of the first half and early second half, especially in times when there’s secondary rotations being run before crunch time. For a team with aspirations for to appear Eastern Conference Finals, you need to hold on to every lead you can build. With defensive powerhouses like Boston and Toronto, or high-volume fast-paced scorers like Milwaukee in their way, you never know when you might stumble upon a 3rd quarter scoring drought. So what can the Sixers do to establish more consistency in their scoring down the stretch, and with bench guys rotating in more frequently.

The Sixers are 26th out of 30 teams in 4th quarter scoring, despite having multiple players in the Top 25 average PPG in the league (Embiid at number 3 notably, behind only Steph Curry and Lebron James). While the second player in that ranking is a new addition, the raw scoring potential is there for the Sixers. As I mentioned in my Jimmy Butler debut blog, Butler is among the highest in the league for 4th quarter scoring, at number 3 averaging 8.1 points, tying with number 2 Lou Williams and a measly .1 behind number 1, Lebron James. In theory, Butler should be a nice shot in the arm for the Sixers, adding a new primary playmaker in lineups that don’t include Ben Simmons as the game drags on. How might that happen though?

Butler in theory will fill a similar role in theory as Robert Covington, as an elite perimeter defender and option 1B on offense in the starting 5. However, Butler has a unique ability to create off the dribble, handle the ball, and initiate offense in a way that Covington wasn’t able to. Now, adding a new playmaker in place of a catch and shoot 2-guard adds some complexity to this lineup. I see the addition of Butler as an opportunity for Simmons to learn to play off-ball a little bit more, since Butler is a bigger threat in a half-court offense despite Simmons proficiency in playmaking and engaging others in the plays. Or better yet, add some raw scoring potential and playmaking in lineups when Simmons is out. Both of these scenarios add a lot of flexibility to lineups as players like Muscala, Korkmaz, and Fultz come in and reduce the pure creation and defensive ability of the lineup deep into the games.

To me, Brett Brown needs to take into account that Jimmy Butler is now on this team, and he needs to lean into that. Early as it was, the rotations in the debut were heavy on Simmons and Butler together on the court. Maybe, in a sort of Harden/Paul-esque way, they stagger minutes a little bit more and spread out the depth a bit, rather than riding super high highs and trying to survive super low lows. Maybe, Simmons plays some minutes as a small-ball 5 with Jimmy taking the ball from the top of the key, since Simmons is less of a threat from the arc, and is capable of cutting and taking lobs, or receiving a pass in the corner and driving and kicking to players like Shamet, Kormaz, or a wide open Muscala.

This team has a ton to figure out, especially as they consider some trades to add shooting depth before the deadline. But most importantly, the need to spread the scoring consistency through 4 quarters, 3-point threats or not.

Bombshell Announcement Happening… Courtside is Back

If you are reading this post you probably have already learned the colossal announcement but if you haven’t here you go, Courtside is Back Baby… Similar to many of the all time greats in our society, from Tiger Woods to Notre Dame Football, Courtside has been through a rough patch recently from a lack of content and inactivity but we are coming back up from the ashes like a phoenix to give you the most entertaining and unfiltered news that we possibly can. Now some of you i’m sure are saying “But VP, Courtside was never here in the first place? Don’t you guys just slander Len Bias on twitter?” To that i say Courtside is more than just a slanderous twitter account, even thought both of those things may have been true,, but we’ve changed somewhat (Don’t worry there will still be Len Bias Content). But nevertheless if you enjoy hot takes from somewhat funny guys give us a try for a little. If you haven’t already i’d go give our main twitter account and follow @CourtsidePhila to keep up to date with any news or updates. But i know a few things that are certain and will be for the foreseeable future.

First, our radio show “Chuck’s Chat” hosted by my personal friend and Courtside’s chief of broadcasting Chuck, along with Jeff and Zocco,is a must listen every Friday slotted in the prime time 4pm-5pm slot if you want to hear about any past and upcoming sports news. Listen @ or go to the Radio tab on this very site

Second, our site, you know the one you’re on, will be written on just about every day by mostly Myself and newly hired @coolguypgh, along with some contribution from Chuck and of course the boss man, aka Commander in Chief, aka Chief . If you’re, for god knows why, interested in writing we’re always looking for talent so get in touch. 

Last, your favorite podcast Courtcast will be returning in the near future which will still include the Courtside Board of Trustees along with the occasional guest appearances. We will try to record more as it gets popular so make sure you view it because I know for a fact you’ll enjoy it and will want more. You can view past episodes on this very website or on our YouTube channel, and they will also hopefully be available on soundcloud, don’t quote me on that though

Hopefully you all decide to listen to my wise words and become Courtside Fans. If so feel free to follow me on twitter @courtsidevp and keep reading

VP’s Picks 11/15/18

No football tonight sadly, but kind of a good thing considering Buffalo”s QB literally found every way possible to lose me money from throwing picks to fumbling on the 10, but that’s in the past and a short memory is key. Last night went a putrid 1-3 But today is a new day so here are my picks;

Saint Joseph’s -3.5 vs Wake Forest; i Know this game is happening right now, may even be over by the time that i post this, but I did pick it last night so its going on here. Starting the day of with a W

Pitt -11 vs Central Arkansas; Pitt isn’t as ass as they have been in recent memory, and they are 3-0 overall this season and also against the spread

Delaware +2.5 vs Cornell; Honestly not really sure why ii’m picking Delaware but if they can beat anyone it’s Andy Bernard’s alma mater 

TCU -10.5 vs Fresno State; Jamie Dixon is really good, and doesn’t lose to teams he’s better than

Oregon -4 vs Iowa; Oregon has secretly became a reoccurring team in the top 25 rankings and is a good team yet again while Iowa is solid not great

….You’re welcome, more picks to come