Eagles win biggest game of the season

Last night the Philadelphia eagles won undebatable the biggest game of the season against the redskins, securing a much needed divisional game in the process. highlights below

Golden Tate and Jordan Matthews looked really good, both seem to be developing strong connections with Carson Wentz. Doug Pederson called a running play on fourth and goal instead of passing which I thought was questionable and would cost us later, thankfully it didn’t. We also allowed a very painful 90 yard rushing touchdown courtesy of a 33 year old, but other than that our rushing defense looked very good. Darren Sproles is officially back even managing to get a TD, and honestly wasn’t an initial fan of our other running back Josh Adams but he continues to impress me more each game. Additionally Wentz looked good despite having tunnel vision on a couple plays and an interception in the redzone.

The only thing holding me back from ever being confident about the eagles is that I can only name one corner-back on the active roster, shout out to Sidney Jones, so any given Sunday we will most likely get torched by a competent wide receiver. This wasn’t a problem against the Redskins because luckily they had shit wide receivers and two shit QB’s playing last night. However next week we are only going up against one shit QB, pretty solid receivers, and a very good running back that have had over a week of prep… doesn’t make us getting a win against our the scumbag Cowboys seem very likely but that’s a topic for another day, in-depth analysis to come.